Doomed to Repeat

How it begins

After recent events, you and the party are enjoying the spoils of victory. One night, a mysterious letter arrives. The messenger doesn’t know who the sender was, and leaves promptly. Enclosed are a map with a location circled, and a letter reading:

My name is Daniel Alguid, son and heir of Albert Alguid, the once great adventurer. My father passed away several years ago, and I have recently begun going through his research in order to see if he actually did anything useful during his late and more… senile years. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a large portion of his recent work: the Shevra Ruins. Rumors speak of untold power hidden deep within them, and until recently their whereabouts were unknown. Before the old man finally died, he pinpointed an entrance to the ruins. I have already uncovered the entrance, and have placed guards there to make sure no intruders gain access. Thus is why I am contacting you so called brave adventurers. If you were to delve into the ruins and return with it’s secrets, you can keep whatever you find… after my share of the findings, of course. Meet me at the location enclosed on the map if you are up to the challenge. Do not try to cross me, for I have the means to hunt you down if this map falls into the wrong hands.

Daniel Alguid

You and your party rest up and set off for the aforementioned location.

First Session

You and your crew decided to assist the shady character Daniel Alguid, but were mistrusting. After a somewhat peaceful talk to Daniel, you managed to extract some important Father’s Research and several Light Spells to aid you on your quest. You and your party ventured into the Shevra Ruins.

Inside you noticed three colored gems, and Rabbi Chang selected the blue one. It exploded in his face, and he inhaled quite a lot of strange dust.
Next you ventured into a long and dark hallway. Big Unit decided it would be best to roll into a ball and go down as fast as he can, but only succeeded in setting off a trap and taking damage. Sir Find-the-D also set off the trap and inhaled the weird blue dust.
In the next room you and the adventurers fought three crystal guardians, and Sir Find-the-D once again screwed up and managed to walk on a very weak balcony, prematurely triggering the encounter. The foes were vanquished, and you proceeded to the next room.
In room 3 you faced a new form of enemies, the Crystal Sharpshooter. Big Unit managed to defy all odds and crawl underneath the map, then epicly failed by throwing Sir Find-the-D into the wall. Mr. Buttons succeeded in being…himself by climbing up a magical force field, smashing the field generator, and landing gracefully on his feet.
In the last room, you all faced the vicious monster, the Crystalline Behemoth. Against all odds you toppled the beast, and gained some ancient but powerful weapons and armor. Charlie the Well-Endowed picked up the Shevrani Artifact.
When you emerged from the cave, you decided to blow off your promise to Daniel, and proceeded to high-tail it out of there. Unfortunately Daniel was two steps ahead of your group, and sent mercenaries to collect your artifacts. You killed the mercenaries, but picked up a map and a letter stating where Daniel was to be found.
You and your group traveled to Albert Alguid’s library, where Daniel Alguid tried in vain to capture you all. Once he was held captive, you read some writings that dealt with the Shevrani Artifact. During your discussion on what to do, the Artifact forced an unnamed person in your group to give Daniel the Artifact, and he promptly ran out the door and disappeared.
When you attempted to follow the now evil Daniel, The Crystal Emissary emerged from the ground. You interrogated it for what it knew, and surmised that you needed to seek out Albert Alguid’s friends, Falibus Dawney, Arnold Ghern, and Ernesto Kelsing. The CE had no clue where to find Mr. Dawney, so you and your crew traveled to Dheghan to talk to the other two men. The CE joined you and your party.
You entered town hall in search of Arnold Ghern, and after some…ahem persuasion talked to him in his office. He revealed he was harboring Daniel, and planned to help the ‘poor young fellow’. You and your party attempted to attack Daniel, and were promptly escorted out by the guards.
You found Ernesto Kelsing at an inn, and received a map showing the location of Falibus Dawney.
You snuck into Town Hall that night, and found some documents allowing Daniel access to the city’s mining equipment. In Ghern’s quarters, there were signs of a struggle and Ghern has been deemed kidnapped.
You and your party gather supplies, and leave town.

That was the end of our first session, feel free to text me with questions. I’ll recap next time. Check out the Wiki and the Item page as well.


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